Here are just a few questions we get asked regularly.

Can Leather be repaired well?

In 95% of cases, your leather in a good quality leather that can be repaired or switched out.

How much will a complete restoration cost?

Usually the cost of a complete restoration is 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacement. Our goal is to restore your leather to as close to new as possible. Sometimes, all that is needed is to restore the original color. Other times, we may need to replace webbing, foam, and restore the leather. We have found over the years that we restore two types of leather furniture. FAVORITE & EXPENSIVE. Anything else can be replaced for less since many of today’s leathers come from China.

will the repair be visible?

I can’t speak for other leather repair companies, but if we do a repair I always tell our customers that when we finish your repair, you may be able to find it because you know exactly where it is, but no one else should be able to find it.

how do i know if my leather is worth repairing or restoring?

If you leather is a favorite or expensive piece, it is probably a candidate to repair or restore. Otherwise you can buy a couch or recliner made in China at a very cheap price.

Can ink or magic marker be cleaned off of leather?

If you catch ink in the first 12 hours it can sometimes be removed with a leather cleaner such as Leather Only. It is important when cleaning, to use a white cloth so you can tell if you are pulling the ink out or not. You can also try a soft eraser. If this doesn’t work, then you will probably need the ink removed professionally and the color replaced where the ink was. This is usually a reasonable repair if you can catch it early enough. If children are the ones who caused the damage, we will usually try to remove it for free.

When it comes to sharpie or magic markers, it will more than likely have to be removed by a professional.

Have any other questions?

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