Please take a look at the following unsolicited testimonials. Any prospective customers are welcome to come by Total Leather Care and take a look at our work for themselves.

Cecil Nidever
Manager, Total Leather Care , Houston, TX

A classic example of not judging a book by its cover.  It’s located in an industrial area near the Southwest Freeway, and the shop is as utilitarian as it gets … but craftsmanship is superb, and Cecil is a pleasure to work with.  Most employees have been with him for years, which speaks volumes in these times.  Prices are fair (not the cheapest, but definitely worth the difference), materials are top-notch, and the finished products are incredible (we saw at least a dozen pieces in various stages of completion, and admired the dedication to detail).  Cecil reupholstered a 1920’s barber chair for us, and far exceeded our expectations.  FYI, they do not take credit or debit cards.  This is a first-class operation in every respect.

Al G.

We have two leather club chairs that were damaged pretty extensively by friends’ cats while they were house sitting for us. Total Leather Care sent out Sr. Luna, who was super nice and helpful. Because the cost to repair would have been more than replacing the chairs, we opted not to have all of that leather replaced. Instead, he was able to minimize the appearance of the damage, mix a dye to match the chairs perfectly, and then recondition the leather. If you look closely, of course you can see that there’s damage, but a casual observer would never know! He did a fantastic job! I would not hesitate to recommend Total Leather Care to anybody. The price was fair for the amount of time spent, and we are very pleased with the result.

Steph M.

I brought a Vince leather jacket to Total Leather Care on the recommendation of a friend who had leather furniture repaired by them. The jacket had gotten hung on a piece of fence as I was walking by and ripped the pocket almost completely off. It is made with that butter soft leather and I was just sure it was ruined. Well Total Leather Care worked their magic and I can barely tell where it was repaired but to the unknowing eye, you would never even know there was damage. It was repaired in about a week and the price was very fair. That doesn’t mean it was a cheap fix but the price of the jacket made it worth it and the quality of the work was definitely worth the cost. He quotes the price when you drop it off so there are no surprises when you pick up. They do not accept credit cards. I highly recommend Total Leather Care!!

Alley L.

I could not be more grateful for these guys!
Some history: My parents first used these guys on my dad’s favorite recliner. It was either the trash or getting it restored–and from looks it seemed like it was going to go in the trash. I don’t know how but they made it look new. Fix the damaged spots, cleaned it all up–my mother and father couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.
Then they came out and picked up some white sofas that had definitely seen better days… Wow. They looked brand new after they were done. Now I know why they bought them in the first place!
Fast forward a couple years: I purchased a classic car. Unfortunately the previous person who did leather work on it did a terrible job. It had two awful looking patches and they didn’t color it right. So I called them up to see if they could even work on it! They said sure to bring it by…
Long story short. The red interior of my 1973 Rolls Royce looks *beautiful*. –They even did the leather door panels– I am always getting compliments on it. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out considering on the bad shape it was in, especially since someone already did poor jobs on previous repairs.

Thank you so much!!

I appreciated the honesty, expertise, and attention to detail.

Karolena Serratos

Absolutely fabulous service. They took a leather office chair that I was on the verge of tossing and made it, literally, like new. These kind folks did everything they said they would, and they did it when they said they would do it. I highly recommend this company.

Kenneth Wall

My company does claims for moving companies and finding a good leather repair firm is NOT EASY!! Note I said Good! We were very pleased with Total Leather Care from the initial phone call until completion! Great people, great business!

Carrie Brown

The service provider arrived on time, did the work as expected and I am pleased with the service 1 week after. Will see how it holds.

Andre Plop

The couch looked as good as new afterwards. It was great!

Mike Fawcett

We were thrilled with the quality of workmanship. Our couch and loveseat look great and the leather recliner looks beautiful. You can not tell that the leather on the arms was replaced at all. All the furniture looks like new!
The owner came out and gave us a detailed estimate and also a lesson in how to maintain our furniture in the future.
(There is a $45 charge for him to come out and give you an estimate, but if you choose to have your furniture repaired that charge is waived.)
We scheduled a time for the furniture pickup. The men that came were on time and very polite. They were careful when removing the furniture.
Our furniture was delivered on the day promised and within the times they said. We also received a call from the office telling us they were on their way. All details very much appreciated.
They are not cheap, but they do a great job and in the end we thought it was well worth every penny.

Janet Orlowski

I took the chair to their place of business. The owner, Cecil Nidever, inspected it and quoted me a price of $175 and a time of a week, based on my statement that there was no hurry. They installed new buttons and pillow straps to the original condition, and called me to pick it up about a week after I left it. They even added some padding to the arm pillows at no extra charge!

Richard Swan

We bought a new leather sofa and chaise combo and unfortunately one month after we got the sofa our cat, who never scratches furniture, got scared and ran across the sofa making 3-4 scratches across the chaise. I brought the chaise cushion to Total Leather Care for an estimate. When I arrived they looked at the cushion provided me an estimate of 195+tax and told me they could repair the cushion so that I would see the repair (because I know where the scratches are) but no one else would. I was given a time of 1 week for the repairs. Two business days later I received a call that my cushion was finished. When I arrived the cushion looked great — far better than I was hoping for– the scratches are barely visible to me, and wont be seen by anyone else. The price was exactly what I was quoted. All in all a great experience, I would recommend Total Leather Care for leather repair and while I hope not to need it again, would go to them again if I do.

Brianna Gradillas

I took 3 cushions to Total Leather Care. They replaced the damaged leather. In the estimate they noted that I would be able to see a slight difference, but someone who didn’t know of the damage would not notice. That was exactly true. It was a bit expensive, and took a little longer than estimated, but they saved my sofa and it looks (and smells) good again. I will use them again, they know how to best work with damaged leather.

Kathy Molitor

Everything went perfectly.

Teresa Kaminski

They did 2 absolutely astonishing leather repairs and they mean it when they say “satisfaction in guaranteed”. They stand behind their work, so there is nothing to lose. The repairs are invisible “Amazing”.

George Kallus

Our many thanks again to all the folds at Total Leather Care. You met all your promises for quality, timeliness, and courtesy and we are very pleased with the repair and refurnishing of our two couches. We will most definitely recommend your services to all our friends.


Cary Guthrie

I was astounded at the repairs Total Leather Care made to my black leather sofa that had been scratched badly by my cat. Frankly, I did not believe you could repair the blue leather chairs in my office, which were twenty years old. I have been ever more astounded by the condition of the office furniture after you refurbished it. Your company works wonders and you may use me as a reference any time.

Very truly yours,

William Pannill
Law Offices, Pannill Moser & Barnes

I am writing to comment on the refurbishing job your company performed on the leather sofa in my office. The quality of the restoration and craftsmanship is excellent and confirms your statement that you could restore it to at least 95% of the original condition. It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you. With many thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Ernst Knobil
The University of Texas Houston

Your company was recommended by two different sales people at Danish Inspirations to take care of two sofas we bought there about ten years ago. Yesterday Aurelio came to our home to repair two tiny holes on one sofa. While he was at it, we had him clean the pale yellow leather that we had sadly neglected. There was also a thread getting loose on the second sofa. He worked magic and the sofas now gleam, they are so bright and shiny. The money we spent (which was not bad, all things considered) was very well worth it. Aurelio said he has 18 years with the company, and his expertise shows. He also covered up some sticky spots made by either super glue or nail polish. The sofas both look brand new now, thanks to him.

Total Leather Care/Houston really does work miracles. Thank you.
K. & B. Kendall

I would like to take this opportunity to commend your company for the excellent work, professionalism, and courteous service exhibited in repairing and cleaning our recently flood damaged leather recliners, couch and easy chair. Within a few hours of our call to you, your courteous and helpful employees picked up our flood-damaged furniture. It was immediately obvious from the professional manner in which our furniture was handled at that point that your company’s standards were high. The fact that you offered on the spot to store our furniture after the repair. “… for as long as it takes to get your home back in order after the flood, at no charge.” Was an extra bit of of compassion we were not expecting. Subsequently, our furniture was returned to us , cleaned and repaired, and in a condition that exceeded our expectations…. and actually the condition each piece was in when purchased! The repair to the severely ripped arm of one recliner was so professionally done as to be undetectable. Each piece was obviously cleaned With a great deal of care. In short the furniture was returned to us “better than new.” It is refreshing in this day and age to deal with folks who do exactly what they say they are going to do and so notably deliver on their promises. I can guarantee that we will never consider anyone else for our leather cleaning and repair needs, and will not hesitate to recommend you to one and all. Please take the time to express our appreciation to all your employees for their professionalism… and a big thanks for a job well done!


Best Regards,

Karl A. Cailout