The good news is that 90% of the time, when leather furniture is damaged by water, it can be saved! The only reason we wouldn’t be able to save the furniture is if mold has taken over.
Here is a little info on mold.

Mold will damage your leather to where it cannot be restored! Here is how we stop it.

Mold can only grow where it is dark, humid, and warm. To keep mold from growing, we need to take away one of these three things. There are different degrees of damage when leather furniture gets wet. In the best case scenario, the water only reaches past the legs and will usually leave a water mark. In the next case, the water reaches the seat cushions and will also usually leave a mark on the outside back of the furniture. Let’s go step-by-step what is needed to save your water damaged furniture if you choose to do it yourself.

1. Flip your furniture on its back and tear off the dust cover (underneath) because we want air to begin circulating, and for the insides of the furniture to begin to dry.

2. If there’s any way to get the furniture into AC at the lowest possible setting, do this.

3. Next, put fans pointed at the furniture.

4. The next step is the most important one. Buy a few gallons of apple cider vinegar (brown). Put the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray under your furniture where you have taken the dust cover off. Spray the wood, the foam, and the leather. Apple cider vinegar kills mold and disinfects (it’s also all natural after disinfecting). If your leather is the type of leather that does not darken when you clean it, then you can also spray apple cider vinegar directly onto the leather and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

5. If your leather has been damaged by DIRTY WATER, then you can take it outside, remove the dust cover, and spray the damaged areas with your hose. If there is sunny weather, put a fan on it, and you can leave it outside to dry.

6. If the flood waters reached your seat cushions, and they are removable, then it is best to pull the leather off the foam. There is usually a zipper on the back of the cushion. You can apply apple cider vinegar to the insides of the seat cushions and to the foam. ( or you can throw the foam away and have new foam made) Put a fan on the leather cushion covers and keep them in the AC if you can. Otherwise, apply vinegar and put them in the sun till they dry.

7. Remember, we are trying to break up the mold cycle. If you can put your furniture outside in the sun, the mold cannot grow because of the sunlight. Of course, the best possible scenario is to have your furniture in the AC with a fan on it if you have an extra fan.

*****You should apply apple cider vinegar 2-3 times for it to disinfect completely.*****

You have now saved your leather furniture and the mold should not continue to grow. You can always have the leather repaired and reconditioned at a later date. Your leather should not get any worse at this point, as long as you can put it back in the AC.

Sorry for your trouble, we hope that this helped. Please give us a call here at Total Leather Care if we can be of service.

P.S. Apple cider vinegar works great on any other items you might like to clean, disinfect, and free of mold after flooding.