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The good news is that many cases, when leather furniture is damaged by flood water, it can be saved! The only reason leather furniture can’t be saved is if the furniture is left for weeks in wet conditions and mold and bacteria take over.

For those folks that might want us to help please let me explain how we can. For those folks who would like to tackle it themselves I have explained in detail later on in this article how to do that.

Most leather furniture can be saved by taking it apart, washing it, killing any bacteria by disinfecting and drying the leather and wood. Then we staple the leather, foam and fabric all back on the frame. At this time we will also repair any of the leather color/dye that may have been damaged by the water.

We have done this type of restoration many times over the last 28 years. Most of the time because of the labor/work that is involved it is usually only cost effective to restore the more expensive furniture and favorite furniture. (It doesn’t mean that your furniture isn’t worth saving or can’t be saved. It just means that might not be cost-effective to have someone like Total Leather Care do the work.) This is one of the reasons I have explained in detail how to save your leather furniture further on in this article. .

The formula works more or less like this: We have found over the years that the cost of restoring  expensive leather furniture can be up to 1/2 the cost of replacement. So when it comes to restoring leather furniture that was less expensive it costs more to restore the furniture than its original cost. The exceptions would be furniture that is one of a kind or favorite.

If you would like us to give you a quote on restoring your leather furniture please give us a call at 713-776-2090 or send us an email, whichever is easier for you.

Whatever route you decide to go there are several things that can damage your leather furniture beyond repair.


!!!! Store your leather in a closed container which allows bacteria and mold to grow.

!!!! Set heavy objects on your leather that may have sharp edges or leave deep impressions.


!!!! If you are saving your furniture yourself, Put you furniture out in the sun asap and spray,             spray, spray the apple cider vinegar! It is better to have it out in the sun until it dries than in         the AC if possible.


!!!! If your furniture was completely submerged in water then you will need to take the    leather   completely off the frame. My suggestion because it is so time consuming to pull all the staples is to just use a razor blade to cut along the outside edge of the staples that hold the leather to the bottom of the frame. Then pull the leather off the frame

!!!! Keep you leather in the AC if there is any way possible.

!!!! The garage would be the last choice.

!!!!Keep a fan on the leather if possible.

Mold and bacteria will damage your leather to the point where it cannot be restored! Here is how to stop it.

Mold can only grow where it is dark, humid, and warm. To keep mold from growing, we need to take away one of these three things. There are different degrees of damage when leather furniture gets wet. In the best case scenario, the water only reaches past the legs and partially up the frame. Sometimes it will leave a water mark. In the next case, the water reaches the seat cushions.  Let’s go step-by-step what is needed to save your water damaged furniture if you choose to do it yourself.

  1.  If you can get you furniture out in the sun to dry you can flip your furniture on its back and          tear off the dust cover (underneath) because we want air to begin circulating, and for the              insides of the furniture to begin to dry. If you can put a fan on it that would be great.
  2. Rotate between the SUN and the AC if you can. If the sun is out of the question then keep it         in the AC and keep the AC at it 65 to 68 degrees. We want to take the humidity out of the air       to break the mold cycle.
  3. Next, put fans pointed at the furniture if possible. If the pieces are in the garage put fans on         them.
  4. The next step is the most important one. Buy a few gallons of apple cider vinegar (brown       not clear vinegar). Put the vinegar in a spray bottle and spray under your furniture where you       have taken the dust cover off. Spray the wood, the foam, and the leather. Apple cider vinegar       kills mold and disinfects (it’s also all natural after disinfecting). If your leather is the type of         leather that does not darken when you clean it, then you can also spray apple cider vinegar           directly onto the leather and wipe it off with a clean cloth.
  5. If your leather has been damaged by DIRTY WATER, then you can take it outside, remove   the dust cover, and spray the damaged areas with your water hose. If there is sunny weather, put  a fan on it, and you can leave it outside to dry.
  6. If the flood waters reached your seat cushions, and they are removable, then it is best to pull       the leather off the foam. There is usually a zipper on the back of the cushion. You can apply         apple cider vinegar to the insides of the seat cushions and to the foam.

( or you can throw the foam away and have new foam made) Put a fan on the leather cushion covers and keep them in the SUN or the AC if you can.  Apply vinegar and put them in the sun till they dry.

6a. If you can’t remove the cushions you can still dry out your furniture. JUST KEEP IT IN THE  SUN TILL IT DRYS and spray the apple cider vinegar 2 times each day for three days.

  1. Remember, we are trying to break up the mold cycle. If you can put your furniture outside in      the sun, the mold cannot grow because of the sunlight. Of course, the best possible scenario is      to have your furniture in the AC with a fan on it if you have an extra fan.

*****You should apply apple cider vinegar 2-3 times for it to disinfect completely.*****

You have now saved your leather furniture and the mold should not continue to grow. You can always have the leather repaired and reconditioned at a later date. Your leather should not get any worse at this point, as long as you can put it back in the AC.

Sorry for your trouble, we hope that this helped. Please give us a call here at Total Leather Care if we can be of service.

P.S. Apple cider vinegar works great on any other items you might like to clean, disinfect, and free of mold after flooding.

!!!!!If you have leather clothing that has been in the water please look at the other article.

Here at total Leather Care we would like to say we are sorry for your losses. Please call us if we can be of help at 713 776 2090